The biggest mistake that people make in choosing a product to melt ice and snow on their roof is usually to purchase the cheapest product available . The reality is that the cheaper products create more roof damage ,fail to operate after a couple years and really do not work. Self regulating cables are really the worst because they damage shingles ,are unsightly ,and can not prevent ice and snow from building up ,use excessive enrgy and damage the roof.



Tempurtech manufacturing produces an extensive product line for custom heated roof systems and over the last 9 years . Utilizing our patented sheet heating element , quality certified components and ETL design and component approval , we can custom manufacture heated roof systems for almost any size roof.

  DUNS              CAGE        NAICS

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​HEATED SHINGLE MATS                            HEATED STANDING SEAM                        HEATED FLAT ROOF MAT

Heated    VS Heated                                                                                            Heated cable

Mat               Cable

Residential Homes

Tempurtech heated roof mat systems are designed to go on top of a finished roof or maybe applied under a new roof install. The heated mats are hidden from view and offer more  energy efficiency and very effective in melting ice and snow. The heated mats are made in EPDM , TPO ,PVC and PTE up to 4 feet wide and 50 feet long. Depending on the size of the mats and electrical supply the mats also come in 110v or 220v 1 ph. The mats are very easy to install and do not affect the integrity or warranty of any roof. The standard sizes of the mats are 5 inch wide , 12 inches wide ,24 inches wide and 48 inches wide.

When supplied with architectural drawings ,sketches ,blueprints or photos, Tempurtech can design ,engineer and manufacture custom mats per customer request.