Why Use Heated Mats On Your Roof?

Build A No-Wire Snow/Ice Melting System With Our Patented Heating Mats.

All Systems Are Engineered Custom To Your Application.

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No internal wires, no fuss

Heated Cable

Our mats can be installed easily and do not require specialists or experts! Just roll them out, wire them in, and watch the snow melt. No need to alter your electrical hookups, we'll provide everything you need to get your system up and running!

Residential Heated Roof Systems

Heated Mats Are The Only Way To Completely Heat An Area Of Roof


Don't want to damage your existing roof? Our mats can be installed non-intrusively using surface adhesives, in fact, we recommend it! Just apply the adhesive and press the mats down to create a lasting bond that won't compromise your roof's integrity.


Our mats are adaptable to your application at either 110V or 220V (or 277V if required) options and require only a fraction of the power consumed by traditional wire-based systems.

With our 220V systems pulling 0.11 amps per square foot, the low operating cost is a no brainer for your wallet!

Be Satisfied With A Clean, Finished Look

What Puts Our Mats Above The Rest?

Energy Efficiency: Consume Less Power


Heated mats provide 100% coverage of problem areas instead of the limited coverage of individual cable. Our heating element provides a band of heat the complete width of the installed mat

Melt Snow Faster And Prevent Refreezing

Our heating element is closed inside a tough shell and sealed in 90 mil thick EPDM rubber. Our mats can be walked on, driven over, and nailed through all without compromising integrity. It's an understatement to say our mats are pretty tough.

Simple installation

Use Our Mats To Build A Heating System That Works For You!

Tempurtech's heated mats use an elegant no-wire, self-limiting heating element that offers safe, efficient, and complete heating not found in wire-based solutions.


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Tempurtech mats melt snow at rates up to 4"/hr! In places at risk of heavy drifting or heavy snowfall it's necessary to melt snow fast and prevent damaging refreezing


Our mats and patented heating element do not contain any internal wires. What does this mean for you? It means no worries of short circuits and no burnouts. Installing under a nailed roof? No wires means you can nail right through these mats!

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Maintain the aesthetics of your roof with heated mats. Whether you're applying your system over or under, your roof will remain free of visual disruptions

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Resistance to wear & tear

Commercial Heated Roof Systems

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