-EPDM, PVC, & TPO Membrane roofs
-Metal and Standing Seam Roofs
-Under or over pavers & pedestals
-Around equipment

* All mats can be made in lengths up to 50' long


5" WIDE MAT: 0.11 AMPS/LN. FT.

Lead cords can be manufactured to your required length and made for either a direct tie-in or a plug

12" WIDE MAT: 0.18 AMPS/LN. FT.

With over a decade of business our name has become the industry standard for heated roof systems

110V / 1PH

Design & Manufacturing

Power - Options & Requirements

Heat Trace Cable

Control Panels may be mounted indoors in order to monitor and manually control your system

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Each mat is made custom to fit your roof's drains and scuppers

-Free your scuppers from ice buildup

-Ensure your drains can do their job by keeping them clear of snow and ice

We realize that heated roofing is not something that most are familiar with. We'll help you find a layout that works for your building using mechanical drawings/blueprints

15" WIDE MAT: 0.11 AMPS/LN. FT.

Mats are only 1/8" thick and can be applied under new roofs or retrofitted to existing roofs

220V / 1PH

Drain & Scupper Mats

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System Accessories

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Drip Edge Mats

Commercial/Industrial Heated Roof Mats Applications

Drip Edge Mats

Drip edges are often the most vulnerable areas of a roof. Protecting them is essential to a long roof life


Mats can be daisy-chained together up to 16 amps during manufacturing to help cut down on the number of lead cords

Some Of Our Customers

Custom Heated Drain & Scupper Mats

We offer Double-Sided Adhesive Tape for easy installation and waterproofing

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Our Lineup Of Commercial Products

24" WIDE MAT: 0.16 AMPS/LN. FT.

24" WIDE MAT: 0.36 AMPS/LN. FT.

-Eliminate ice damming on building edges

-Clear the way for runoff to safely manage loads on your roof

General Purpose Mats

Tempurtech's commercial heated roof systems are made custom for commercial roofs big and small. We understand that the last thing building owners want to worry about is roof damage caused by snow load. Our automated systems reduce or even eliminate cost in labor for snow removal, and deal with problematic areas on their own!

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