This is the worst system to install ,prone to ground frost heaves snapping wires , electrical shorts , cable failure ,difficult to repair and high energy operating cost. This system should never be installed in climates similar to New Englands .

        comparison to other heated driveway / sidewalk systems


Heated Driveway System


This is a complicated and costly system to install , maintain ,operate and to purchase. The major disadvantages to this system are due to component failures ,relays , check valves .manifolds ,pipe ruptures and costly yearly maintaince . The system must be on at all times to keep pipes from bursting unless system is filled with a non freezing solution . Once the system is turned off ,it has a slow recovery rate to heat back up.

TUBING LAID IN ASPHALT                                 MANIFOLD CONNECTIONS                                     CONTROLS / HEATER

Heated Driveway Installation

Tempurtech offers the best and easiest system for installing a heated driveway and sidewalk system . The heated mats that we manufacture are welded at 1200 f degrees and can with stand the weight of cars and trucks directly on them. No other system is this easy to install which means a large savings in labor , you can pour concrete or place hot asphalt on the mats without doing any harm. The mats are custom manufactured for our customers and we can produce them up to 4 feet wide and 25 feet long. Depending on the size of the application the mats come in 110v or 220v current. When compared to other heateddriveway system none are easier to install ,cheaper to install ,cost less to purchase and has better energy efficiency or quicker heat up time.

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