Heated Gutter Mat
Heated Mat vs Cables

HEATED MAT VS CABLE                                         MATS COME ROLLED UP                                MAT IN GUTTER                                                      


The greatest area of importance on any roof for ice and snow accumulation in the valley areas especially on the north side of a home. Our heated 12 inch wide mats are designed to fold in the middle and can be placed under a new roof install or glued down on top of the valley on an existing roof. These mats may be nailed thru avoiding nailing thru the marked lines on the mat.


     Tempurtech manufactures the only heated gutter mats in the U.S.A. that are easy to install, come with a 6-foot plug-in cord, energy-efficient, and outperform any other product available in the market to date. The heated mats are 5 inches wide and up to 150 feet long and are made to size per customer request. The mats are made in 110v, come ready to plug in and only use.11 amps per lineal foot. Unlike self-regulating cables which always burn out,  useless in extremely cold temperatures, require more operating time, and use more electricity. The gutter mat is easy to install and just lays in the bottom of the gutter.