We offer a controller with precipitation and temperature sensors that will turn your system On/Off for you automatically without the need for a manual switch

18" WIDE MAT: 0.16 AMPS/LN. FT.
34" WIDE MAT: 0.27 AMPS/LN. FT.
48" WIDE MAT: 0.32 AMPS/LN. FT.

Ditch The Switch

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110V / 1PH

220V / 1PH


Want an integrated solution for your walkways? Our mats can be installed under new sidewalks

-Hidden from view
-No wear & tear on mats
-Longer mat life

-Prevent slipping on icy or wet walkways
-Effortlessly clear sidewalks, no more shoveling/salting!
-Have easy access to rooftop equipment
-Keep melted snow from refreezing

Non-Slip Heated Walkway Safety Mats

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18" WIDE MAT: 0.36 AMPS/LN. FT.
34" WIDE MAT: 0.47 AMPS/LN. FT.
48" WIDE MAT: 0.72 AMPS/LN. FT.

Lay The Mats Under New Sidewalks

Controlling Your System

Whether you're looking to protect your rooftop maintenance teams or prevent your frequently travelled paths from becoming obstructed by ice and snow, our non-slip mats can be manufactured to suit your needs. Never stress about shoveling slippery walkways again!

Our TPO Walkway Mats are made custom up to 50' long and can be applied to any flat roof or walkway

Power - Options & Requirements