HEAT MATS                 HEAT MATS

                AIR FLOW SCREEN

                     ​LAMINATE FLOOR

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     The most advanced radiant heated  

                       flooring system

Tempurtech manufacturing has developed and designed a radiant heated flooring system that uses a wireless composite heat source that will not burn or short out. There is no other radiant heating system available that is easier to install . First , roll the heat mats out , separate mats 16 inches on center . Second ,  roll the air screen on top . Third , place the flooring over the air screen. This is an excellent system when heating concrete , floating laminate , tile , hardwood or marble flooring. Our air flow screen creates even air flow under the floor to prevent moisture build up and keep the floor dry . Our heated mats are protected from water even if there is the possibility for water seepage. Anyone will find installing our radiant heated floor mats very easy. Tempurtech custom manufactures the mats to fit and can be ordered with a plug or can be directly wired in. The air flow screen and heat mats together are only 3/8 thick.

We have the best radiant heated systems available. Try us and you'll be convinced!

Our products are time-tested.

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Tempurtechs radiant heated carpet system offers instant warmth and comfort where needed. The heated carpets are energy efficient and the easiest radiant heating system to install for warming up cold basement and ceramic tile floors especially in the bathroom. All carpets come ready to plug in with out the need to purchase any extra components . These are the only heated carpets designed to use indoors and outdoors for melting ice and snow.

These carpets may be used under an existing designer carpet as long as there is no latex or rubber backing to block the heat. The basic sizes of the carpets are 2' x 4' , 2' x 6' , 2' x 8' , 4' x 6' , 6' x 8' .